What is SCRAIL?

The perfect combination fastener, SCRAIL has the speed and low labor cost of a nail with the holding power of a screw, so quality is never sacrificed for cost. With over 2,000 colors available to perfectly match the final product, SCRAIL fasteners are versatile and can be easily driven with any pneumatic nailer.

nail colors

These fasteners are an extremely useful, efficient fastening solution for any job, big or small. The diverse selection of fasteners SCRAIL offers means that it can be used for almost any job.

The wide variety of uses includes:

·       Decking·       Fencing

·       Sub-flooring

·       Crafting

·       Framing

·       Concrete Forms·       Scaffolding

·       Decking

·       Outdoor Furniture

·       Railing


Each job needs fasteners that are designed specifically to ease its completion. That’s where SCRAIL comes in. Below you’ll find a few charts to show the different application of SCRAIL fasteners, and get a better idea of what their best uses would be.


Different Fastener Types

Name Application Benefit
BeckDeck® Decking, Flooring, Fencing, Railing Double threaded, prevents mushrooming
SubLoc™ Subfloors Special coating, virtually eliminated squeaky subfloors
SteelThread Light Gauge Steel Construction Shot in like a collated nail to connect gypsum or wood to metal with ease
Mini-SCRAIL® Light Duty Furniture, Millwork, Crafting, Better support than nails or screws for small jobs and DIY handiwork

Different Thread Types

Name Specs Benefit
Fine inner .113, outer .120 Best withdrawal values
Coarse inner .113, outer .134 Best removal performance
BeckDeck® Double inner .120, outer .138 Prevents mushrooming
SteelThread inner .099, outer .113 Holding power, up to 16 guage steel studs
SubLoc™ inner .113, outer .120 Super adhesive, twice withdrawal, eliminates subfloor squeaking


All of these state-of-the-art fasteners have the option of five different types of heads. Each of these provides a unique hold, but all can be driven in and screwed out with absolute ease.

philips pozidrive Square star versadrive

SCRAIL fasteners can assist with all of the jobs listed above, and much more. With a full line of SCRAILers to help get the job done, these revolutionary products are clearly the best choice for quality, efficiency, and financial savings. You can find R.V. Evans’ SCRAIL fastening solutions here.

As always, find a wide variety of Packaging and Fastening Solutions at the R.V. Evans website, and contact us or schedule a site needs analysis if you have any questions.


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