Bostitch, a leader in innovation, is always looking to revolutionize the pallet industry, and with the release of the new IC60-1 coil nailer, the bar has been raised. In conjunction with the Pallet Plus™ fasteners, this combination is putting Bostitch one step closer to that revolution.

Beyond just saving money on material costs, the pallet industry is also looking for ways to reduce workplace injuries and improve uptime, and with the new IC60-1 tool, that desire becomes a reality.  With a weight of just 5.7 lbs. repetitive motion claims can be greatly reduced, and this low weight doesn’t have to mean a compromise on durability.  The new IC60-1 tool has a new longer lasting nose design as well as twice the life on wear parts compared to the previous generation tool, all leading to a more productive work environment.

But what good is a high performance tool without a high performance fastener to run through it?  The Center For Unit-Loaded Design at Virginia Tech University did some tests on the Bostitch Pallet Plus nails compared to standard 2” x 0.99” Screw Shank Pallet nails, and had some surprising results, shown below:

Oak Poplar Spruce, Pine, Fir
End Board Resistance Impact 264% greater 264% greater 264% greater
Diagonal Rigidity 17% greater 17% greater 17% greater
Shear 52% greater 41% greater 40% greater
Withdrawal Capacity 38% greater 37% greater 35% greater
Pull Through 22% greater 14% greater 25% greater

How is the Pallet Plus fastener achieving all of these incredible results?  Let’s take a look at some of the specs:

Fat Head

  • Nail head is 19% larger
  • Maximizes shear and pull through performance
  • Head is foundation for diagonal rigidity and board impact resistance

Royal Purple coating

  • Polymer coating
  • Increases depth of drive
  • Improves anti-withdrawal performance
  • Easy identification

“No Voids” Shank

  • 100% deep screw in active plane area
  • Absence of voids for collation wire to interfere
  • Contributes to withdrawal performance

Precision Point

  • Blunt Diamond and Blunt Chisel
  • Reduces splitting of hardwoods

No stone was left unturned by Bostitch’s research team when designing this fastener. It’s not hard to see how this nail, along with the new IC60-1 tool, is changing the game in the pallet industry. If you want to improve your pallet performance and create a more productive and safe work environment, please visit our website today, or contact us for a site-needs analysis with one of our fastening specialists.

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