Pre-Solution Application

The client, a manufacturer of trailer and truck suspensions, axle systems and landing gear required a quick, efficient and safe way for their employees to secure gaylord boxes to pallets prior to filling them for shipment.

 The R.V. Evans’ Value Added Solutions

After performing a Site Needs Analysis and thorough review of the application, an R.V. Evans Fastening Sales Specialist determined the appropriate value-added solution.  The recommendation: The Klinch-Pak KP 35-590W Pneumatic Stapler with Walking Stick.


Key Benefits of the Klinch-Pak KP 35-590W Pneumatic Stapler with Walking Stick

  • 33″ extended handle allows easy access for the operator to fasten corrugate to the pallet which results in relieving stress on the lower back.
  • Drives staples up to 1 1/4″ in length for a variety of uses.
  • Flat wide crown staple reduces tearing of corrugated sheet, making a strong hold.
  • Heavy duty – can be used to secure gaylord boxes, container inserts, double or triple wall sheets to pallets.


Measurable Savings Realized

The Klinch-Pak KP 35-590W has allowed the client to provide their workers with an ergonomic solution that eliminates the repetitive motion of bending over and climbing in and out of the gaylord box.  In addition, the Klinch-Pak KP 35-590W will reduce the amount of time spent securing the gaylord boxes to pallets, resulting in labor savings.

If you are interested in learning more about the Klinch-Pak Pneumatic Stapler or other fastening solutions, please visit our website at  If you would like to set up an on-site review of your current fastening application, R.V. Evans can help.  Schedule a Site Needs Analysis by contacting us today.

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