Pre-Solution Application

The client, a manufacturer of electrical component enclosures, was constructing pallets for shipment of their products utilizing bulk screws and a battery-operated impact drill.  This method was extremely time consuming and labor intensive causing worker fatigue due to poor ergonomics.

The R.V. Evans’ Value Added Solutions

After performing a Site Needs Analysis and thorough review of the application, an R.V. Evans Fastening Solutions Specialist determined the appropriate value added solutions.  The recommendation: The Simpson Strong-Tie Quik Drive® PRO300S.


Key Benefits of the Simpson Strong-Tie Quik Drive® PRO300S

  • Expanded depth settings for high-density flooring materials
  • Reversible and replaceable non-skid teeth
  • Uniform toenailing and countersink on slick surfaces
  • Sure-grip guide tube increases stability for a broad range of screws
  • Decking nose clip positions the screw on the deck board and centers it on the joint for an easy, uniform installation from a standing position
  • The patented curved collation strips hold the screws up and away from the work surface, making moving and positioning the tools easier.  They are also pointed on the inserted end to simplify loading
  • Limited lifetime warranty on attachment and extensions, 1-year limited warranty on screw-driver motors


Measurable Savings Realized

The Simpson Strong-Tie Quik Drive® system has enabled the client to provide their employees with a system that greatly reduced the operator fatigue by providing improved ergonomics.  The efficiency of the system has allowed them to construct pallets to ensure they keep up with production requirements.  in addition, they eliminated the expense associated with purchasing new batteries for the battery-operated impact drill that frequently caused downtime while the batteries recharged, resulting in the inability to meet production requirements.

To see the Simpson Strong-Tie Quik Drive® System in action, check out this video on our YouTube channel.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Quik Drive® System and which setup would best suit your needs, please contact us to schedule your Site Needs Analysis with one of our Fastening Solutions Specialists.  To learn more about our Fastening and Packaging Solutions visit us online at

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