Pre-Solution Application

The client, a roof truss manufacturer, was securing their loads with steel strapping for delivery to job sites.  Their customers were becoming increasingly concerned about the safety of using steel strap for their workers, so our client needed a cost-effective, safe alternative to steel strapping.

The R.V. Evan’s Value Added Solution

After performing a Site Needs Analysis and thorough review of the application, an R.V. Evans Packaging Solutions Specialist determined the appropriate value-added solution.  The recommendation: Carolina Strapping MakoSTRAP®.


Key Benefits of Carolina Strapping MakoSTRAP®:

  • More cost effective than steel strapping
  • No sharp edges to cause injuries or tire damage
  • Strong as steel, but weighs 75% less
  • More rigid allowing it to be easily fed through products and pallets
  • Can be customized with your company name, logo or message


Measurable Savings Realized

With the implementation of the MakoSTRAP®, our client has been able to provide a safer method of delivering their roof trusses.  MakoSTRAP® has been able to provide equal strength as their previously used steel strapping and has reduced their cost of materials by 7%.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Carolina Strapping’s MakoSTRAP or our other Packaging or Fastening Solutions, please contact us to schedule your Site Needs Analysis with one of our Packaging Solutions Specialists.  To learn more about all of our Packaging and Fastening Solutions, visit us online at

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