Pre-Solution Application

The client, a popcorn manufacturer, was installing a new packaging line and was in need of a new Thermal Transfer Overprinting solution. They required a system that could offer a large print area,  ability to change graphics and information quickly and easily integrate into their new packaging line.

The R.V. Evans’ Value-Added Solution

After performing a Site Needs Analysis and thorough review of the application, an R.V. Evans Packaging Solutions Specialist determined the appropriate value-added solution.  The recommendation: FlexPackPRO 420i Thermal Transfer Overprinter

FlexPackPRO Logo COLOR

Key Benefits of the FlexPackPRO 420i Thermal Transfer Overprinter

  • Clutchless ribbon drive and tension control design maximize uptime and long-term performance
  • Superior Festo pneumatics assure image quality control & longer printhead life
  • Color LCD touchscreen controllers with print preview
  • Full-featured, highly-intuitive ProCode image design software
  • Heavy-duty installation brackets and rollers crafted in-house to customer applications
  • Robust long-life mechanical design requiring zero preventative maintenance

Measurable Savings Realized

The FlexPackPRO 420i Thermal Transfer Overprinter provided our customer a large (4.22” x 2.96”) print area that accommodates the graphics, date & lot codes and ingredient list.  Also, the FlexPackPRO 420i easily integrated onto their new packaging line with the in-house custom brackets. They have easily been able to keep up with customer demand and create customized package information using the ProCode software.

To see the FlexPackPRO 420i Thermal Transfer Overprinter in action, check out these videos on our YouTube channel.

If you’re interested in learning more about the FlexPackPRO Thermal Transfer Overprinting Solutions or our other Packaging Solutions, please contact us to schedule your Site Needs Analysis with one of our Packaging Solutions Specialists.  To learn more about all of our Packaging and Fastening Solutions, visit us online at

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