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Avoid overpacking your products!

Do you want to avoid costly fines and save more materials? Integrating an A&D checkweigher directly into your end-of the-line process adds many benefits. Each product receives a 100% inspection to avoid any fines that you could receive with order rejects. Additionally, more of your packages can be produced through product filling machine feedback on the user-friendly interface. With various features on our checkweighers, the efficiency in your process will accelerate and you are able to produce more products.

Read below to determine which checkweigher could diminish costly fines and produce more packages for you.

6kg Checkweigher
Fit your specific needs with the highly-efficient A&D 6kg Checkweigher. With this piece of equipment, the modular design does not take up any of your useful space and it does not slow down your line of production. It provides a full product inspection and simply kicks out the rejects to avoid costly fines. Your production will be maximized with the checkweigher’s ability to process up to 145 pieces per minute.



Heavy Duty Checkweigher
Large packages can slow down your throughput, but the A&D Heavy Duty Checkweigher has the durability to be the solution. With the ability to process up to 50 pieces per minute with a 200 lb capacity, your weighing process will not be hindered. The interface provides product filling feedback through a 100% inspection of each package. Reduce false rejects and improve the efficiency of your process with the most durable checkweigher on the market.


If you are interested in improving your end-of-the-line process?

Contact us or give us a call to set up a Free On-Site-Analysis! | 1-800-252-5894

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